Geographies of Solitude and Jeong-sun Win Grand Prizes in International Competition and Korean Competition!
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Geographies of Solitude and Jeong-sun Win Grand Prizes in International Competition and Korean Competition!

- Oh Mine in Missing Yoon and Ok Ja-yeon in Archaeology of love picked the Best Actor Prizes.
- Grand Prize and Best Director Prize in Korean Competition for Shorts went to In The Dry Stream and Transit.
- Documentary Award went to The 2nd Repatriation, J Vision Award to No Problem, and NETPAC Award to Journey to the West.

The 23rd JEONJU International Film Festival (JEONJU IFF, Festival Director LEE Joondong) held its Award Ceremony and announced the winners in each category at the JEONJU Dome on May 4. A total of 20 winners were selected from sections, including International Competition, Korean Competition, and Korean Competition for Shorts.

There were intense debates over finalists for each section until the day before the Award Ceremony. 14 jury members to judge the winners were actor Park Haseon, Vilnius IFF programmer Andrei Tănăsescu, Chung-Ang University professor emeritus Joo Jinsook, director CHANG, director Clarisa Navas, Vol Media CEO Jenna Ku, San Sebastian IFF programmer Roberto Cueto, Villa Medici Film Festival artistic director Lili Hinstin, actor Gong Seungyeon, director Ben Russell, director Jeong Ga-young, professor Seo Koksuk, QCinema IFF festival director Ed Lejano, and SungKongHoe University professor Oh Youngsuk.

At the ceremony held at the JEONJU Dome, many people including the Festival Chairman and Mayor of Jeonju City Kim Seung-soo, Festival Director Lee Joondong, the jury members, directors and actors with films in competitive sections, and audiences were in attendance. Before the presentation, Festival Chairman Kim Seung-soo said, “I will promote the festival for many filmmakers to be proud of submitting their works or winning the prizes at the JEONJU IFF.” Soon after the festival announced its winners from 16 sections, such as the International Competition, Korean Competition, and Korean Competition for Shorts, as well as non-competitive awards including NETPAC Award.

For the grand finale of the ceremony, the Grand Prize in International Competition was awarded by the Festival Chairman Kim Seung-soo. The earlier winners of the filmmakers expressed their gratitude for the hospitality of the JEONJU IFF and Jeonju citizens. Festival Chairman Kim responded, “I’m more grateful as you feel kindness staying in Jeonju. I hope you have a great memory here.”

The Grand Prize in International Competition went to Geographies of Solitude by Jacquelyn Mills. The director delivered her impressions through programmer Sung Moon, “This film is a modest film made with generosity and homemade cookies. I tended to each frame as Zoe tends to grains of sand. And you made a place for us. We sincerely recognize this remarkable chance.”

The Best Picture Prize (Sponsored by NH Nonghyup) went to Unrest by Cyril Schäublin. In addition, the Special Jury Prize went to two films; Hyuga Fumiari won the prize for TOKYO KURDS and said, “I’m happy to make a film about Kurdish refugees who do not stick out,” while another winner, The Silence of the Mole director Anaïs Taracena said, “I hope this award can have a good effect on the Guatemalan film industry, which is smaller than the Korean one.”

In Korean Competition, the Grand Prize was awarded to Jeong-sun by Jeong Ji-hye. When the director’s name was called, loud cheers broke out from her coworkers at the JEONJU Dome and Jeong shed tears of joy. She said in her acceptance speech, “When I wrote the script, I thought over whether I deserve to write this story. That is because this is a small film, actors and staff went through a lot more trouble. So I want to give them the credit of this award.”

The Best Actor Prize (Sponsored by ONFIFN) went to Oh Mine in Missing Yoon and Ok Ja-yeon in Archaeology of love. Actor Oh said, “I played the leading role for the first time in 23 years. I would first like to thank the director for giving me the opportunity.” She made the audience touched by reciting the names of her co-actors and other actors who are waiting for new opportunities.

The list of actors called by Oh Mine

Lee Jooyoung, Roh Jaewon, Kim Hakseon, Kim Jaehwa, Park Seong-joon, Kim Joong-ki, Im Seong-ki, Bang Eunhee, Jeong Ae-yeon, Yoon Sinae, Lee Hyobi, Kim Kyeong-deok, Seo Yeojeong, Song Yeun, Lee Jieun, Kim Seung-woo, Kim Jinhong, Jeong Sehwan, Lee Ilnoh, Park Sehwa, Kim Jinhong, Kim Dong-hoon, Lee Byeong-soo, Lee Myeong-hyun, Kwon Jong-sook, Lee Woon, Shin Rak-sook, Kim Sohyun, Park Damchae, Lee Dong-gook, Kim Seohyun, An Yong-jin, Oh Taegeun, Lee Yoonhwa, Kim Jinsoo, Lee Dohoon, Lim Chansang, Lee Jiyoung, Cho Hanbyeol, Han Jisu, Lim Jong-min, Jang Gyeong-mi, Hwang Seung-hwan, Park Gyu-eun

Actor Ok Ja-yeon delivered her messages through producer Ha Min-ho, “I was fascinated as soon as I read the script. Both I and main character Young-sil have grown because we are not perfect, so I hope the audience can be consoled by the film,” and she added, “It is a film that penetrates the nature of the people’s relationship through relics of love using the metaphor of archaeology which studies human nature based on past remainings,” about Archaeology of love by Lee Wanmin.

Mother and daughter by Kim Jung-eun won the CGV Arthouse Award Distribution Support Prize followed by the Watcha’s Pick: Feature. Director Kim said, “I thought it is a necessary story for our society. I appreciate a lot of support for this film.” Also, director Lee Ji-eun, who received the CGV Arthouse Award Upcoming Project Prize for The Hill of Secrets, went up on the stage with actor Moon Seung-a in the role of Myung-eun and said, “This film cannot be created without actor Moon.”

The Grand Prize winner, In The Dry Stream director Kang Ji-hyo said, “I never imagine that I won this prize. I wanted to do a project about my home time, Jeju Island. I will try my best from now on.” The Best Director Prize (Sponsored by Kyobo Life Insurance went to Transit by Moon Hyein. Director Moon said, “This film evoked the meaning of film for me,” and added, “I will engage myself in films with good mind and good aim.” The Special Jury Prize went to Wunderkammer 10.0 by Ki Yelim, Park Soyun, and Jung Inwoo. They said, “It was a great honor to screen this film because it has strongly experimental features.” In addition, Watcha’s Pick: Short went to Framily by Kim In-hye, 29th breath by Kook Joong-yi, Light It Up at 2 AM by Yoo Jongseok, Layers of Summer by Paek Siwon, and TRADE by Kim Minju.

In addition, awards for special sections continued. Selecting one Asian film in non-competitive sections by the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, The NETPAC Award went to Journey to the West by Kong Dashan. The J Vision Award, which is given to one film in the Local Cinema, was awarded to No Problem by Goh Gainsoo. The Documentary Award (Sponsored by Jin Motors) for one Korean feature documentary film, went to The 2nd Repatriation by Kim Dongwon. Director Goh conveyed his compliment, “I would like to thank my friends who held me to make this,” while director Kim said, “I hope this film will encourage people’s interest in inter-Korean relations.”

Meanwhile, the festival presented the Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony. The late Choi Jeongwoon, the former CEO of the Korean Association of Cinematheques who passed away early this year, had played a pivotal role in the activation of cinematic culture. The 23rd JEONJU IFF had time to commemorate the memory of him.

The 23rd JEONJU IFF will continue until Saturday, May 8, 2022, and its Closing Ceremony will be held with actors Kang Gilwoo and Lee Sang-hee as hosts at the JEONJU Dome at 7pm on the last day of the festival (Saturday, May 8).

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