The 15th JEONJU Project Announcing the Winners
2023-05-04 14:14:00


RoughCut Booster

Blanket Wearer |Director PARK Jeongmi

The First Cut

Blanket Wearer |Director PARK Jeongmi

JEONJU Lab: Feature Length

The Second Development Grant


Red Diary|Director LIM Daecheong

Samhee: The Adventure of 3 Joys |Director MOON Hyein

Touch | Director CHO Yoonsun | Producer KIM Taekyung

JICA Award

Guest Workers|Director LEE Sanhah|Producer BANPARK Jieun

Samhee: The Adventure of 3 Joys |Director MOON Hyein

Jeon Ju Film Commission Award

Touch | Director CHO Yoonsun | Producer KIM Taekyung

JEONJU Cine Complex Award

A Poem from a Strange Country|Director HEO Chulnyung|Producer KIM Okyoung

Tree in the Garden|Director KANG Jiwon

JEONJU Lab: Short

FUJIFILM Production Support

Plant | Director LEE Myeonglyun|Producer HONG Juyoung

JEONJU Cine Complex Support

The Cold Breath |Director KIM Taehwi|Producer KIM Kyumin

Plant | Director LEE Myeonglyun|Producer HONG Juyoung

Work In Progress

Work In Progress Special Prize

MIMANG| Director KIM Taeyang|Producer NOH Hajeong

JEONJU Project

FURMO DT English Subtitle Production Support

A Poem from a Strange Country|Director HEO Chulnyung|Producer KIM Okyoung

Blanket Wearer |Director PARK Jeongmi

SLAP BANG BANG|Director KO Bongsoo, NOH Kyunggeun|Producer CHOI Yi-seul

DVcat Award

Blanket Wearer |Director PARK Jeongmi

JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition

JEONJU Cinema Project (International)

Nothing in Its Place|Director Burak ÇEVIK |Producer Burak ÇEVIK, Kanat DOĞRAMACı

JEONJU Cinema Project (Korean)

Nadia|Director MOON Chang-yong| Producer KIM Dong-bin

Award Review

JEONJU Lab: Feature Length (Fiction)

All four finalists have compelling and potential concepts enough to be produced on their own merit. The essential meaning of JEONJU Lab is a collaborative endeavor in which mentees and mentors think about their work together and make bold upgrades through multiple experiments in a short period of time. For the Second Development Grant, the projects that are relatively ready to be made with a director's sincerity and the details of the characters and situations that will integrate into the script were chosen.

JEONJU Lab: Feature Length (Documentary)

All four selected projects for the JEONJU Lab showed progress after the second round of mentoring, raising our expectations for the films-to-be. The four were in different stages of production, so it took work to choose a winner. However, the Second Development Grant will go to projects that have made significant progress since the mentorship and the need for cash support after careful consideration. We wish all the best to all four projects.

Red Diary was well-received for not getting bogged down in the weight of Myanmar's democracy movement issue but instead developing the story around characters that the audience could relate to.

THE SILENT BRIDE traces a woman who escapes from a women's shelter in the 1960s and shines a light on a woman (or women) whose story is not well known. If the effort to cast figures continues, we are sure it will be a film with fresh material and unconventional storytelling.

A Poem from a Strange Country is expected to contain unique sentiments and perspectives as it looks at Korean society through the poetry of migrant workers from Nepal.

Guest Workers uses the keywords of migration and care work to connect the lives of women from different eras and countries. We expect it will show the possibility of solidarity in a fragmented world.

Work In Progress

The jury would like to acknowledge the strength of all of the films included in the Work In Progress presentation. Of these works which each have an exciting future, the jury was most moved by the clarity of vision, sophisticated direction, and great artistic potential of one. This film has a distinctive and affecting tone as well as a level of precision and deliberate poeticism that could not be ignored. For its lovely technique, emotional restraint, and structural complexity, the jury awards MIMANG.

JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition (International)

After the jury discussion on the four projects presented this year for the coming Jeonju Cinema Project, we recognize the impressive talent behind each of these films and believe they will become exceptional films. We unanimously selected a project that tells a story that is part a history of violence in one country specifically, but is also sadly a universal story from our past and present. We believe this is a timely story that needs to be told and one that will be told powerfully in this film, using the language of cinema with passion and authenticity from the voice of the director. The marriage of story and form is beautifully conceptualized. Finally it is a project that is difficult to finance domestically due to its bold exploration of a political event and therefore we believe that support from JEONJU IFF will have a significant impact on the film being made.

JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition (Korean)

All four projects deserve hearty and generous applause regardless of whether they win or not.

We also send applause and support to director Moon Chang-yong of Nadia for his hard work, persistence, and dedication.

We cheer for Sun Hobin’s energy and ideas for DON, which has a razor-sharp and timely subject matter.

We expect insight from Kangyu Garam, who creates a sad but paradoxically beautiful narrative and life-penetrating theme in Lucky, Apartment.

We are eager to see how the novel visuals and ideas of directors Ko Bongsoo and Noh Kyunggeun will be completed in SLAP BANG BANG.