Festival Identity

Beyond the Frame

Crossing lines, defying boundaries, and continuing to take on new challenges is the identity of the JEONJU International Film Festival. JEONJU IFF has constantly made efforts to expand the realm of film as an art form based on new methods of expression and borderless imagination. This year's slogan, "Beyond the Frame", continuing from last year, highlights the pioneering spirit of the festival, which has been breaking away from conventional film formats and screening methods to achieve cross-genre integration centered on film through programs, venues and festival events.

Every year since 2020, the JEONJU International Film Festival has developed a graphic campaign based on the initial 'J' of Jeonju. For the 2024 edition, the 'J' was designed as an ever-growing infinite symbol inspired by the spiralled plants in their sprouts. Infinite J: it creates an infinitely expanding 'J' by portraying the outer margins and rotating them. At the same time, the rounded corners that make up the 'J' symbolize the frame of a movie, a moving art. This year, the festival marks the 25th edition--a meaningful number representing the passage of a quarter-century, a season finished, and a grown adult. Infinite J visualizes the festival's history in its simplicity, which has ripened throughout the years. Also, the vast white space dynamically portrays film frames and captures the cinema itself, as well as envisioning the festival's future as it takes a courageous leap forward. Beyond the Frame!

Art Director KIM Tai-hun


Wooseok Jang, Line Arngaard, and Zuzana Kostelanská met each other at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, an art school in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2016. Since then, they have been actively working as graphic designers separately and together. Although no specific collective name binds them, they are all awkward and harmonious together, like their designs.


This year's trailer portrays the infinitely growing and expanding 'J', the festival identity of the 25th JEONJU International Film Festival. We imagine the countless J audiences will encounter at the festival and want to showcase them as diverse as the films.

Motion Graphics: KIM So Yeon (Germany)
Soundtrack: Till HORMANN (Germany)