JEONJU Cinetour

JEONJU Cinetour, a collaboration between the Tourism Hub City Jeonju and the JEONJU International Film Festival, has been creating diverse programs since 2023 to offer both domestic and international tourists visiting Jeonju fresh experiences to enjoy the city through film.

In the first half of 2024, visitors will have the chance to explore Jeonju through film in special outdoor settings with JEONJU Cinetour X Walk, engage with independent film actors in JEONJU Cinetour X Meet, and enjoy movies with live performances in JEONJU Cinetour X Music. These three themed programs invite everyone to relish all that Jeonju has to offer with cinematic charm.

Sponsor Tourism Hub City Jeonju
Organizer JEONJU IFF

JEONJU Cinetour X Music

A special program where film and music coexist, JEONJU Cinetour X Music brings the best of spring. After watching the selected films by the musicians, enjoy live performances and talks. Experience the sensation of the film and music curated together.

* The performance runs approximately 50 minutes after the film.

Date May 5 (Sun) - May 7 (Tue)
Venue CGV Jeonjugosa 1
Fee 33,000 KRW (Screening included)

Events for tourists visiting Jeonju

The JEONJU Cinetour X Music attendees will receive limited edition merchandise.

• Limited for the first 100 attendees per screening
• Eligibility: Visitors living outside Jeonju
• Proof of Identity: Receipts for accommodation in Jeonju, transports to Jeonju(KTX, express bus, toll gate receipts, etc.) or other documents that prove the residence outside Jeonju


May 5 (Sun) May 6 (Mon) May 7 (Tue)
Musicians 92914
Screening Paterson
Musicians YOON Jiyoung
Screening Still Life
Musicians KIM Oki
Screening 1, 2, 3 Love
Musicians KIM Suyoung
Screening Begin Again
Musicians O.WHEN
Screening About Time
Musicians byebyesea
Screening I cross the sea with you
Musicians Yozoh
Screening Wonderful Life
Musicians OKDAL
Screening The World of Us

Artists’ introduction

KIM Oki + 1, 2, 3 Love
Kim Oki Saturn Ballad was formed with an idea of what it would be like if there were inhabitants of Saturn who played ballad music. Kim Oki is a saxophonist, composer, and musician who has released 14 studio albums so far. He won the 11th Korean Music Awards for Best Jazz & Crossover Performance and the 17th Korean Music Awards for Musician of the Year and Best Jazz & Crossover Album.
byebyesea + I cross the sea with you
byebyesea consists of Namu (vocal, guitar), Sunje (guitar), and Myungje (bass). Originally named I Cross the Sea with You, before their debut, they later rebranded as byebyesea. Formed in 2006, they have become beloved in South Korea as a representative modern rock band, known for their unique and emotionally resonant songs. Their music captures various facets of the sea, ranging from calm to stormy, showcasing a diverse spectrum that transcends genre boundaries. Currently, they are expanding their global presence and have made history by performing on the stage of the New York Lincoln Center, marking them as the first Korean band to do so.
92914 + Paterson
Everything that is natural inspires 92914.
A daily life where complicated and challenging matters do not steal the peace of the day. This film makes anyone feel that those days are worthwhile, without telling them directly.
KIM Suyoung + Begin Again
Consolation of music created with a sincere voice and guitar sound, Kim Suyoung.
This is the movie that nurtured my dreams. Begin Again portrays Greta, a performer who sings in small clubs, and her encounter with a producer who recognizes her talent. I fell in love with romantic scenes of them scouring the streets of New York City and recording her songs, which made me pursue songwriting just like Greta. I want to share the romance I felt in Begin Again with the audience and I would love to make the performance more enjoyable by being compared to Greta as the singer Kim Suyoung.
Yozoh + Wonderful Life
Singer-songwriter Yozoh made her debut in 2007 with the release of My Name is YOZOH with Sogyumo Acacia Band. While she debuted as a musician only, now, in 2021, she is introduced in numerous other ways—reader, the owner of bookshop Musabooks, writer, film director, actor, professional entertainer, Podcast host, feminist, Twitter addict, and above all, musician. Yozoh, as a musician, besides her own records, has collaborated for dramas, shows, games, films, commercials and soundtracks. Continuing such diverse activities and omnidirectional pursuits listed above, Yozoh occupies a new space that transcends all boundaries between mainstream and minor cultures.
I was always curious about what happens after death. Sometimes, my curiosity led me to make foolish choices. This movie has taught me how to stay curious about the world in a better way.
YOON Jiyoung + Still Life
Beginning her career with single Shade in 2017, Yoon Jiyoung since then released her first EP Blue Bird which was met with much celebration and set a name for herself as a musician who speaks to the softest of feelings. At times naive and at other times loving, her songs talk about emotions in their deepest authenticity, making it the kind of music that makes you want to share with your beloved ones. Accompanied with strong visuals, she had been forming a robust pool of listeners. Her most recent release My luv, produced in collaboration with Dutch singer-songwriter Benny Sings, is more than enough to show that Yoon Jiyoung is a full-fledged artist of a wide range of spectrum with a future to look forward to.
I vowed to move on when I released Yesterday I Dreamed of You. But why do we need to move forward? To stop living in a past that we can no longer return to? Or to reach somewhere better? I think we’re just moving forward with time. Whatever the reason, we’re already moving forward.
O.WHEN + About Time
O.WHEN is a South Korean singer-songwriter. He debuted in 2016 with his first mini album When I Begin and became an emerging artist with the title track Today. He gained recognition by being introduced as a Hello Rookie for the EBS Space. Since then, he has released original soundtracks of Suspicious Partner, A Poem a Day, My Mister, Where Stars Land, etc. He has been steadily releasing EPs and working vigorously with From the Day You Fell in Love to the Day You Broke Up, Mood Night, independence 1, 2, Present.
This is a film that keeps me focused on the present. It made me put my heart and soul into every moment, to my fans and the people around me. It helped me when I was recording my single album Picture.
OKDAL + The World of Us
OKDAL is a female singer duo of the same age, Kim Yoon Ju and Park Se Jin. Their charm is quite obvious: the everyday stories sung in everyday language and honest messages about life conveyed through unique, simple, yet witty lyrics. The music of OKDAL reflects the joys and sorrows of life. While acknowledging the contradiction of life as it is, they draw out a positive message from it, sometimes with freshness and lightness and sometimes with refined calm, saying that life always intersects happiness and sadness, joy and despair, but still, therefore, it's still beautiful. The true power of OKDAL's music is that a small remedy quietly pats our shoulders, which are weary of our hardcore everyday life.
The film reminded me of our younger selves, when we were at our most vulnerable, when we’d hurt each other and cover up in the name of friendship.


Jim JARMUSCH | 2016 | Fiction | 118min | 12
Begin Again
John CARNEY | 2014 | Fiction | 104min | 15
Wonderful Life
KORE-EDA Hirokazu | 1998 | Fiction | 118min | G
Still Life
Zhangke | 2006 | Fiction | 108min | 12
About Time
Richard CURTIS | 2013 | Fiction | 123min | 15
The World of Us
YOON Ga-eun | 2015 | Fiction | 94min | G