Street Screening

Street Screening in Busung-gil, Jeonju

A small outdoor screening will be held at the Film Street and an alley located in Busung-gil, Jeonju.
Whether a Jeonju citizen or a visitor, anyone may freely enjoy the screening, held in a distinctive space that introduces the attractive and unique environment and atmosphere of the area to the audiences.
As an expansion of collaboration with local film-related organizations, the screening is composed of independent Korean films and the films screened at the 24th JEONJU International Film Festival.
These organizations operate small film festivals and educational projects in the region, and now will participate in various activities, including film selection and moderating in between.

Date May 3 2024 (Fri) – May 9 (Thur)
Time starting at 20:00 (closing times vary)


Looking for
Kim Taehee | Korea | 2023 | 104min | Color | Fiction | 12
The HDD with a movie that was almost complete has disappeared. The culprit is the Cinematographer, but the Director has cut ties with all staff after filming due to internal discord. However, the Director decides to swallow his pride for the sake of the completion of his movie. He visits the Sound Director, who was good friends with the Cinematographer, only to fight over the past, and is forced to return with no additional clues. In a strange turn of events, the actors and staff members that he previously worked with start showing up, and some even go as far as to attack him, full of resentment. The Director keeps on searching for his HDD and finally tracks the Cinematographer down, but then…
A Tour Guide
KWAK Eun-mi | Korea | 2023 | 94min | Color | Fiction | 12
Hanyeong obtained her tour guide-interpreter's license and became a tour guide in Korea. She gets used to her new surroundings. However, she is forced to face challenges as she loses touch with her brother. And the number of Chinese tourists decreases due to the political tensions between China and Korea.
JAURIM, The Wonderland
KIM Jihwan, HEO Min | Korea | 2022 | 72min | Color/B&W | Documentary | G
Korean legendary band JAURIM is celebrating its 25th debut anniversary with a concert and a special album featuring a chorus from 117 fans. The film captures JAURIM’s philosophy of music, personal episodes, moments of crisis, and the heartfelt message about “YOUTH” which is the central theme of their music.
Small Fry
PARK Joongha | Korea | 2023 | 95min | Color | Fiction | 12
A 40 years old unknown actor, Hojoon, runs a fishing YouTube channel. The day after he fails an audition, he goes to a fishing spot to shoot YouTube videos. There, he bumps into director Nam and actress Heejin, who has already been cast in a leading role. Three small fries are wandering in the reservoir.
Shorts Bundle 1
CHOI Junhyuk | Korea | 2022 | 29min | Color | Fiction | 15
Yuna and Jeongsik, employees of the loan company, enjoy a situational skit. One day, Jeongsik begins a situational play in which he steals a large sum of money and asks Yuna to run away with him to South America. However, Yuna can’t shake the feeling that it may be for real this time.
PARK Yoon-joo | Korea | 2023 | 29min | Color | Fiction | G
An older sister gets concerned when her younger brother’s obsession with aliens goes too far. After she discovers his plans to try to rendezvous with the aliens on his birthday, she attempts to interfere with his plans and, in the process, reveals her protective side and their deep love for one another.
Beyond This Place
LEE Jegyong | Korea | 2023 | 15min | Color | Fiction | 15
Yeong-hoe visits the country house to get a seal from her uncle Mansik. However, at home, there's only Mai, a migrant woman who is married to her uncle. Yeong-hoe is suspicious of Mai, who seems to be hiding Mansik's whereabouts.
Jéro YUN | Korea | 2022 | 26min | Color | Fiction | G
Amy, adopted by an American family as a child, visits a jjigae restaurant in Jungnang-gu, Seoul. She introduces herself as a chef from the U.S. to Eunseon, the restaurant owner searching for staff after her mother passed away. Amy asks Eunseon to teach her how to make jjigae. Amy cannot hide her complex feelings toward Eunseon's mother. Eunseon gradually grows suspicious about Amy.
Shorts Bundle 2
OH Jaewook | Korea | 2023 | 27min | Color | Fiction | 15
Yunjeong is in trouble because her younger brother lost the deposit money through multi-level marketing.
How to get your man pregnant
NOH Gyeong-mu | Korea | 2023 | 30min | Color | Animation | 15
After ten unsuccessful IVF treatment attempts, the couple decided to try male pregnancy.
Ghost Play
KIM Hyunjung | Korea | 2023 | 25min | Color | Fiction | G
Ina is visiting a theater with his grandfather.
Shorts Bundle 3
KIM Eun-seong | Korea | 2023 | 20min | Color | Fiction | 12
Because of Ilji's game addiction, Juyeon leaves the house they lived in together. He plans to destroy his computer before Juyeon to regain her heart.
PARK Jongwoo | Korea | 2023 | 36min | Color | Fiction | 12
One day, an unknown existence appears and announces that everyone will die. To survive judgment day, those who have witnessed the death of their immediate family members must share their lives with those around them.
CHA Kyeongmin | Korea | 2023 | 16min | Color | Fiction | 12
On Lunar New Year's Day, jobless siblings Sumin and Jeongmin struggle to escape their elders' judgment. Meanwhile, Jaeyeong, who has just been accepted into Seoul National University, receives all the attention. All three lead to a heated play Yut, a traditional Korean board game.


Film Street
(Across Chihiro and Notrick)
Pungnammun Gate Korea Traditional Culture Center Former Official Residence of the Governor of Jeollabuk-do Province MFilm Street
(FILA Jeonju-gosa Parking lot)
May 3 (Fri) Small Fry (GV) Bubble+How to get your man pregnant+Ghost Play
May 4 (Sat) A Tour Guide (GV) Getaway+Randezvous+Beyond This Place+Jjigae (GV) JAURIM, The Wonderland (GV)
May 5 (Sun) Looking for (GV) JAURIM, The Wonderland (GV)
May 6 (Mon) Small Fry Bubble+How to get your man pregnant+Ghost Play(GV)
May 7 (Tue) COMPUTER+EX MACHINA+Back-Do (GV) Looking for
May 8 (Wed) A Tour Guide Getaway+Randezvous+Beyond This Place+Jjigae
May 9 (Thur) COMPUTER+EX MACHINA+Back-Do JAURIM, The Wonderland


Film Street (Across Chihiro and Notrick)
324-11 Gosa-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si
Pungnammun Gate
1 Pungnammun 3-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si
Korea Traditional Culture Center
20 Hyeonmu 1-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si
Former Official Residence of the Governor of Jeollabuk-do Province
67 Gyeonggijeon-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si
Film Street (FILA Jeonju-gosa Parking lot)
73-36 Jeonjugaeksa 4-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si

Organizations in collaboration

Culture Contents Institute Cinesup
With a name that combines cinema and forest, Culture Contents Institute Cinesup is an organization that screens, produces, educates, and researches cultural content with film at its core.
Jeonbuk Independent Film Association
Jeonbuk Independent Film Association was founded to establish a new foundation for local film culture by producing and screening independent films. By continuously communicating and collaborating with independent film associations and film festivals in other regions, the association strives to expand its communication while providing film education, production support, and screening of independent films. In addition, the association continuously seeks to establish discourses on local film culture.
With a name that combines the words Docking and Cinematheque, Dockingtheque is a cultural content production cooperative founded by young filmmakers in Jeonju who were met by fate.
Noname cinema coop.
Noname cinema coop. is a cooperative and a preliminary social enterprise established by citizens to drive and promote cultural accessibility and involvement in the region. Focused on Jeonju and Jeonbuk-do, the community cinema organizes diverse film and cultural activities for the locals.
Mediacommunity Awesome
As Jeonbuk-do’s sole organizer of a nationwide youth film festival, Mediacommunity Awesome supports producing and consuming media content and film works to establish an ecosystem with creative freedom. It promotes communication between classes and generations and supports the fostering of democratic citizens by providing research and education on various media.
Cinemong is a club for audiences which provides a communal space where one can make their daily lives happier through film.
Film Culture Development
Film Culture Development Commission strives to improve the quality of film and audiovisual culture in Jeonbuk-do through production, education, and culture. It also contributes to the development of the film and video industry and its culture in the region.
Jeonju Public Media Center
Jeonju Public Media Center is a 21st-century alternative public cultural facility that allows easy access to anyone who longs to learn, produce, or communicate through media. The center provides year-round video educational courses categorized by level of difficulty, target group, and region. In addition, the center provides various filming equipment to support citizens in video production.