All the Jeonju International Film Festival venues will be hosting music performances to enhance the festival experience.

From talented local musicians active in Jeonju to Korean traditional-fusion pop performances and film scores covered by jazz musicians, the 25th JEONJU International Film Festival aims to entertain every audience.

Venue JEONJU Lounge, MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa
Date May 3 (Fri) - May 6 (Mon)
May 3 (Fri) May 4 (Sat) May 5 (Sun) May 6 (Mon)
13:00 [Joseonpop Concert]
[Joseonpop Concert]
Sentimental Log
[Joseonpop Concert]
Band Jinsang
PETAL arttainment
20:00 [Joseonpop Concert]
Eunha Oh's Cinema ParadisoⅠ [Joseonpop Concert]
Eunha Oh's Cinema Paradiso Ⅱ
MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa
May 3 (Fri) May 4 (Sat) May 5 (Sun) May 6 (Mon)
14:30 TapdanSinger Park Hyeoungjoo Page
16:30 zeokranun Hangronan Gony
18:30 Hangronan YoonByul&HyangGi Slow day Weekly Eunchong Kim

The 25th JEONJU IFF Performances

Eunha Oh's Cinema Paradiso: We present to you the beautiful movie soundtracks etched in our memories through the live performances of the jazz trio and the voice of a soprano reminiscent of the warm May.

*Soprano Seojeong Park will join us on May 4th.

Eunha Oh
Pianist, Composer, Music Director She was recipient of the Technical Creativity Award at the 2nd Jeonju Cinema Awards, and you can catch her on stage at this year's Jeonju International Film Festival opening ceremony. She works as a music director for various visual contents, including Disney animations. As a pianist, she has also released albums 1st Movement, River, and Summer.
• Igrssan Jazz Trio
Oh Eunha of piano, Noh Yonghyun of drums, and Park Yunho of bass Igrssan Jazz Trio would like to get closer to the public with familiar music by arranging and playing pop or jazz standards that are familiar to the public based on South American rhythms.


Sing about our lives and philosophy with lyrical sensibility and pop sound.
Slow day
An acoustic duo composed of singer-songwriter Song Eun-chae and bassist/harmonica player Park Yun-ho, aiming for calm and restful music.
Youth acoustic singer-songwriter duo singing various forms of love.
A band that sings in search of skepticism and questions in the world.
Weekly Eunchong Kim
A singer-songwriter who receives stories every week and writes songs. “Your week”, Weekly Eunchong Kim.
TapdanSinger Park Hyeoungjoo
Park Hyeoungjoo, a tap dancer, unfolds the stage with a splendid performance that captivates the eyes and ears of the audience, based on various genres of music.
Page is an acoustic duo that sings with two guitars and two voices.
PETAL arttainment
It is a four-member classical ensemble team with Nuebotango as its main focus. We promise to provide intense energy through PETAL arrangement, and a vocalist will participate as a guest in this performance.
Odyssey to find dawn, Hangronan.

Joseonpop Musicians

Sentimental Log
Band Jinsang