The 14th JEONJU Project Announcing the Winners
2022-05-03 20:00:00


SJM Cultural Foundation RoughCut Booster

Life Unrehearsed|Director BANPARK Jieun |Producer KIM Dahyoung

EIDF First Cut Choice

Life Unrehearsed|Director BANPARK Jieun |Producer KIM Dahyoung

JEONJU lab 2022

The second development grant

Odd Man|Director HUH Gun

Colors of the wind |Director Yeojin |Producer KIM Minkyeung

When wind becomes a voice |Director YOON Juyoung |Producer KIM Narae

SOAR|Director KIM Dasom

JICA Award

Portrait of a Jeju Family|Director KIM Soo-jung |Producer KIM Hwa-beom

Breakthrough|Director IM Yeonjeong |Producer HER Yoonsoo

Jeon Ju Film Commission Award

Portrait of a Jeju Family|Director KIM Soo-jung |Producer KIM Hwa-beom

JEONJU Cine Complex Award

Portrait of a Jeju Family|Director KIM Soo-jung |Producer KIM Hwa-beom

JEONJU Cine Complex Award(JEONJU short selection)

Indigestion|Director YANG Dohye

Christmas Rangmyeon|Director KIM Been|Producer LEE Inho

JEONJU Project

Furmo DT Award

Breakthrough |Director IM Yeonjeong |Producer HER Yoonsoo

SUKHAVATI|Director NA Baru, SUN Hobin |Producer PARK Jinsuk

Soundscape Award

Underwater Cave: The Time Capsule of the Earth Created by Water and Darkness |Director KIM Kangtae

Avin & Company Award

Find My Real DNA |Director LEE Hyewon|Producer YOO Jeongah

DVcat Award

The Night of the Factory girls |Director KIM Geonhee

Underwater Cave: The Time Capsule of the Earth Created by Water and Darkness |Director KIM Kangtae

JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition Selections for pitching

International Project

When Clouds Hide the Shadow|Director Jose Luis TORRES LEIVA|Producer Catalina VERGARA

Korean Project

Breath |Director Jero YUN|Producer LEE Ginam

Award Review


For this year’s RoughCut navigation, four works were selected and RoughCut Monitoring, three works were selected.

We’ve gone through comprehensive navigation with these works, starting with the basic theory of the documentary to organization of film.

Through this opportunity, we anticipate a remarkable improvement of the works in terms of the structure and story

JEONJU short selection

The two projects selected for JEONJU short stood out with their solid narratives and detailed depictions of the characters´ delicate inner states and situations. In addition, these calm and delicate films captured our hearts by following only the emotions of the characters without any special events.

JEONJU lab: Fiction

From February to April, 2022, the jury members have mentored to the first development support selections, including Odd Man, Charming Club, Portrait of a Jeju Family, and SOAR. Then we made a final decision on the second selection among them.

The jury selected SOAR and Odd Man for the winners of the second development support after the final meeting. Huh Gun’s Odd Man doesn’t have a perfect script quality, but its subject, which is the human desire surrounding a bizarre creature living in the forest, intrigues the most and the jury decided to select this project for the additional support.

Although Kim Dason’s SOAR shows a somewhat rough side of the main character, Heyon-jae, it was chosen to get further support because it was expected to be a sincere and resonating film.

Kim Soo-jung’s Portrait of a Jeju Family is about the youths whose hearts bruise in the city and two grannies living together. It serenely depicts how the young generation recovers their wounds after living with grannies despite its shortcoming of prototypicality. After much consideration, the jury decides to select this project to receive in-kind aid and post-product support as we hope it will be completed against all odds.

Last but not least, director Kim Jung-in seems to have taken a great effort to weave subtle episodes based on the historical events in Charming Club. Her passion and the film’s subject consciousness stand out, but one might have hoped for its prototypicality. Unfortunately, it was not chosen as the winner of the second development support, but we expect that the project would be a greater piece if it will be developed in more sufficient time.

JEONJU lab: Documentary

Four projects in the JEONJU lab, Breakthrough, Find My Real DNA, Colors of the wind, and When wind becomes a voice, showed significant improvement after two mentoring sessions and gave us confidence for a further upgrade in the future.

Colors of the wind showed an original way of representing the world of a deaf grandfather through animation by guessing and imagining it.

When wind becomes a voice was a shocking self-confession. The director tells her story of getting out of pain by confronting the memories of abuse, violence, and gaslighting. She uses multiple techniques of combining images and performances of the past and the present.

Both projects were highly recognized that while they tell the innermost story of their families and themselves, their stories are socially expandable to reach the pain of others. Both projects’ level of progress was also considered.

Breakthrough is about two women?a director and a martial arts director?who perceive their bodies and overcome humiliating memory imprinted on their bodies during making an action film. It has fresh storytelling about women’s bodies and the way of arousing memories of their bodies in the action genre. The film can be expected to bring a further step.

JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition

On behalf of the entire jury, I would like to say that it was a tremendous honor to be selected to evaluate the JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition. With the pandemic making the health of the film industry in general and the status of art cinema in particular exceptionally precarious, it is inspiring to not only see a festival like Jeonju take place in order to celebrate film in a beautifully curated environment, but for the festival and for Jeonju to enable bold new films to be made through this funding initiative. It is essential for such institutions and such initiatives to exist in order to ensure the existence and vitality of what we love about the movies. The Cinema Project points the way to the cinema’s future.

It is in this spirit that we would like to give the following prizes. For the Korean prize, this project inspired us by its unblinking look at the subject of death and the marginalized, pictured through a distinctive cinematic approach of great beauty and sensitivity. During a time of widespread suffering, it is essential to enable storytellers to speak of the community’s grief and challenges in unconventional and therefore revealing ways.

For the international prize, a work that promises a lyrical and moving experience combining delicate observation of the natural world with the story of a woman and her spirit moving through it and transforming from the experience. In its charting of a woman’s inner struggle through her physical journey through a far-flung landscape, it recalled for us Powell and Pressburger’s existential masterpiece I Know Where I’m Going, reinvented with a semi-documentary approach in a fascinating Chilean context and in a unique collaboration with actress-director Maria Alche.