Screening Rules
The 25th JEONJU IFF operates by the following rules to ensure a comfortable moviegoing experience for all attendees.
Screenings on Schedule
• As a rule, the 25th JEONJU IFF begins every screening on schedule. Late entry is prohibited 10 minutes after each screening begins. (Same rules apply to Shorts Bundles)
• Late entry does not guarantee selected seats at purchase.
• Attendees must sit in specified seats determined at purchase.
• Changing seats while the screening is not permitted. Please refrain from re-entry while the screening is ongoing.
Food and Drink
• Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in JEONJU Digital Independent Cinema, and bottles of water with a lid in Jeonbuk National University Cultural Center.
• Please do not bring cameras or a recorder.
• All films are creative works protected by copyright law. Photography and video recordings are strictly prohibited during the screening. (including trailers and end credits)
• In case of being caught filming, the recordings will be removed to prevent copyright infringement.
• Only ticket holders (including mobile tickets) are allowed entry into theaters.
• Attendees using tickets bought with badges must present their badges for identification.
Limiting the Electronic Devices
• Please switch off all electronic devices (mobile phones, smart watches, etc.) during the screening.
Age Ratings and Classifications
• JEONJU IFF adheres to all age ratings.
• Those under 18 are prohibited from entry for films rated R. (18 or over attending high school or underage accompanied by a guardian are still prohibited from entry.)
• Children under 4 are prohibited from entry regardless of a guardian accompanying them.