[Daily Letter] 23rd JEONJU IFF DAILY LETTER #9
2022-05-06 10:30:00

Children’s Day is over, and the ninth day of the festival comes…

Hello from JEONJU IFF’s daily letter,

Children’s Day is over, and the ninth day of the festival comes…We can’t believe that it’s already time to close the festival. Also, we were wondering if you all had a great time at the 23rd JEONJU IFF.

Thankfully, we have a few days to enjoy the festival! Lots of films and events that will entertain you are waiting for you. Visit and enjoy the rest day of the festival! ??


16:30 KST

??Have A Nice Day X JEONJU IFF

Venue: JEONJU Dome

20:00 KST

?? Street Screening

Film: Father

Venue: Film Street (Showtime Bldg.)

What We Did Yesterday

The staff’s diary is back! The daily letter introduced from K-DOC CLASS Editorial Seminar to Save the Children’s child-free zone! What’s next? Our publicity team visited the screening of The Little Dinosaur Dooly - The Adventure of Ice Planet and Have A Nice Day. X JEONJU IFF. ??

When we arrived at the JEONJU Dome, the dome was full of the audience. It seemed that audiences of various ages (like me) came to the special screening. Sir, I saw you take a picture of Dooly. He said he came to the dome for his child, however, I guessed he was the real one who wanted to see Dooly the most. He laughed the most during the screening. I also heard one of the elementary school students say, “Have you heard of Dooly? I’ve already watched all 23 episodes!”

Please note that Dooly is enough old. The Little Dinosaur Dooly - The Adventure of Ice Planet had been first screened in 1996. A 4K remastered version of the Korean Film Archive was screened at the JEONJU Dome today. It was a special screening that those who grew up watching Dooly in their childhood could feel nostalgic for. For children, the film could introduce a new friend named Dooly.

A music festival at the 23rd edition “Have A Nice Day. X JEONJU IFF” is held between May 5 and May 6.

Lineups for today were JAEMAN, LEE MinHyuk, Stella Jang, SORAN and 10CM. Photo walls, which had a poster for the film festival before, were also newly filled with posters of singers who are scheduled to appear in the performance. ??

When entering the performance, we could get the ticket and info sheet, which are the concept of the Jeonju trip. If you take a photo of them in the photo zone, it would be very good to enjoy the event.

As the COVID-19 safety protocol has been revised, audiences could shout and sing along during the performance. ????

So far, it was our staff’s diary who have a lot of experience of the music festival! We hope you enjoy the remaining day of the festival and have a good day!

Our publicity team´s staff Jeongmin´s recommendation ??: Our Journey by Soran
May 6, 2022
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