[Daily Letter] 23rd JEONJU IFF DAILY LETTER #10
2022-05-07 10:30:00

It’s time to say goodbye. This is the last daily newsletter


Hello from JEONJU IFF’s daily letter,

It’s time to say goodbye. This is the last daily newsletter of the 23rd JEONJU International Film Festival. However, we have a big event at the 23rd edition. The Closing Ceremony is still here…! Please stay with the JEONJU IFF. The JEONJU IFF’s daily letter is done, however, please look forward to next year’s JEONJU IFF!

Here we go, the very last daily letter! Let’s begin! ??


13:00 KST

??Award-winning short films 1

Venue; CGV Jeonjugosa 6

Film: Light It Up at 2 AM


Layers of Summer

29th breath


17:00 KST

?? Award-winning short films 2

Venue: CINE Q Jeonju Film Street 3

Film: Wunderkammer 10.0


In The Dry Stream

19:00 KST

?? Closing Ceremony

Venue: JEONJU Dome

Host : Actors KANG Gilwoo, LEE Sang-hee

Performance: SORAN

20:00 KST

?? Closing Film: Full Time

Venue: JEONJU Dome

Film: Full Time

What We Did Yesterday

Let me introduce the last staff diary. Please don’t cry, everyone. ??

The 23rd JEONJU IFF is closed on success. That’s a very shame that we can’t see a bunch of films, the JEONJU Cube, the banner, and the JEONJU Dome which will disappear into our memories. Above all, we’re very sorry about we can no longer invite our newsletter subscribers to the JEONJU IFF’s newsletter world.

Shout out to all the staff including the JEONJU IFF’s volunteers! While the staff have been busy doing their work in the office, volunteers helped the audiences to enjoy the festival! ??????

It blows my mind once 10 days film festival is over. ??

Moreover, when I was off to work, the JEONJU Cube at beginning of Jeonju Film Street caught my eye! While the sky is blue and the weather is so good, the red cube looks wonderful! I can’t wait for next year’s J Character of the JEONJU IFF and audiences here. ??

We really appreciate your support of the 23rd JEONJU IFF and hope to see you again next year!

See you in Apr 2023! ??

May 7, 2022
Interviewed · Written by Publicity Team | Edited · Published by Publicity Team
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