14th JEONJU Project Announces Award Winners
2022-05-06 19:00:00

The 14th JEONJU Project, JEONJU IFF’s Industry Program, Announces Award Winners

- 14th JEONJU Project Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday and announced winners in 11 categories

- Festival Director LEE Joondong, “We hope the JEONJU Project will be an opportunity for artists”

The 14th JEONJU Project, an industrial program of JEONJU International Film Festival (JEONJU IFF), completed the three-day schedule with the Award Ceremony held at LAHAN Hotel Jeonju, Ongoeul Hall 1 on Wednesday, May 3.

JEONJU Project is an industrial program of JEONJU IFF that fully supports the production environment of filmmakers, including a planning and development mentoring program for fostering Korean film content, an editing training program for high-quality Korean documentary, and investment in production for the development of feature-length independent and art films. While the 14th JEONJU Project events continued from Sunday, May 1 to Tuesday, May 3, the Award Ceremony was held from 6 pm on Tuesday, May 3, the last day of the journey. Festival Director Lee Joondong, who attended the award ceremony, encouraged filmmakers who participated in the project and said, “We hope the JEONJU Project will be an opportunity for artists. Congratulations to all the directors who were selected for this year’s JEONJU Project.”

The K-DOC CLASS division awards were announced first. Both ‘SJM Cultural Foundation RoughCut Booster’ and ‘EIDF First Cut Choice’ went to Banpark Jieun of Life Unrehearsed, which won a double-winner honor. Then the JEONJU lab division awards were presented. The ‘Jeon Ju Film Commission Award,’ which supports the use of film studio, was given to Kim Soo-jung of Portrait of a Jeju Family. At the JEONJU Cine Complex awards, Kim Been’s Christmas Rangmyeon and Yang Dohye’s Indigestion were awarded in the JEONJU short selection, where two types of support can be selected: digital color grading, DCP Production, filming equipment, and editing studio. Portrait of a Jeju Family by Kim Soo-jung was selected for its fiction category and When wind becomes a voice by Yoon Juyoung was selected in its documentary category, all receiving the digital color grading support At ‘The second development grant,’ which is differentially awarded KRW 20 million, Huh Gun’s Odd Man and Kim Dasom’s SOAR were awarded in the fiction category, while Yeojin’s Colors of the wind and Yoon Juyoung’s When wind becomes a voice were awarded in the documentary category. The JICA Award, which provides sound mastering support, went to Kim Soo-jung’s Portrait of a Jeju Family and Im Yeonjeong’s Breakthrough.

In the JEONJU Project division, the ‘FURMO DT Award,’ which supports the production of English subtitles worth KRW 5 million, was awarded to Breakthrough by Im Yeonjeong and SUKHAVATI by Na Baru & Sun Hobin. The ‘Avin & Company Award’ with a grant of KRW 3 million was given to Find My Real DNA by Lee Hyewon. Kim Kangtae’s Underwater Cave: The Time Capsule of the Earth Created by Water and Darkness won the ‘Soundscape Award’ and will receive support for composing the soundtrack. ‘DVcat Award,’ which provides discount on color grading expense by 50 percent, was awarded to Kim Geonhee of The Night of the Factory girls and to Kim Kangtae, who had received the ‘Soundscape Award.’

Finally, the ‘JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition’ award was followed. ‘JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition’ is a pitching program to select next year’s world premiere screenings in JEONJU Cinema Project, which covers the entire production process of the feature project. From November 15, 2021, to January 13, 2022, a total of 41 projects (17 Koreans, 24 internationals) were submitted from 23 countries on 6 continents through an open call for participation projects. Among them, 4 Korean and 4 international projects were selected and pitched on Monday, May 2nd, and the two final selections were unveiled at the awards ceremony on Tuesday the 3rd. Jose Luis Torres Leiva’s When Clouds Hide the Shadow was selected as an international work and Jero Yun’s Breath was selected as a Korean, and each can receive a maximum of KRW 100 million in support.

Through ‘JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition,’ a number of films have been listed on the JEONJU IFF screening list or even have been released in Korea. The three films selected in ‘JEONJU Cinema Project 2020’ were also very popular in Korea. A Distant Place by Park Kunyoung starring Kang Gilwoo and Lee Sang-hee, who will host this JEONJU IFF Closing Ceremony, Three Sisters by Lee Seungwon, starring Moon So-ri, Kim Sun-young, and Jang Yoon-joo, and loved by the audience, and AFTERWATER by Dane Komljen, which can be presented in this year’s JEONJU Cinema Project section, all three films were produced by the JEONJU Cinema Project. As such, this project has established itself as a robust support for filmmakers who have relatively few opportunities to make films by providing production budget support and pitching opportunities.

The jury members include Cristina Nord, head of Berlinale Forum, Daniel Kasman, MUBI´s Vice President of Content, film director Kim Jong-kwan, who directed Shades of The Heart (2019) and Josee (2020), Lee Choong-jik, former festival director of JEONJU IFF, and Sung Moon, JEONJU IFF programmer.

The 23rd JEONJU IFF, which opened on Thursday, April 28, is held in the Jeonju Film Street area until Saturday, May 7, and is screened online through ONFIFN, an online platform dedicated to Korean film festivals.


SJM Cultural Foundation RoughCut Booster

Life Unrehearsed|Director BANPARK Jieun |Producer KIM Dahyoung

EIDF First Cut Choice

Life Unrehearsed|Director BANPARK Jieun |Producer KIM Dahyoung

JEONJU lab 2022

The second development grant

Odd Man|Director HUH Gun

Colors of the wind |Director Yeojin |Producer KIM Minkyeung

When wind becomes a voice |Director YOON Juyoung |Producer KIM Narae

SOAR|Director KIM Dasom

JICA Award

Portrait of a Jeju Family|Director KIM Soo-jung |Producer KIM Hwa-beom

Breakthrough|Director IM Yeonjeong |Producer HER Yoonsoo

Jeon Ju Film Commission Award

Portrait of a Jeju Family|Director KIM Soo-jung |Producer KIM Hwa-beom

JEONJU Cine Complex Award

Portrait of a Jeju Family|Director KIM Soo-jung |Producer KIM Hwa-beom

JEONJU Cine Complex Award(JEONJU short selection)

Indigestion|Director YANG Dohye

Christmas Rangmyeon|Director KIM Been|Producer LEE Inho

JEONJU Project


Breakthrough |Director IM Yeonjeong |Producer HER Yoonsoo

SUKHAVATI|Director NA Baru, SUN Hobin |Producer PARK Jinsuk

Soundscape Award

Underwater Cave: The Time Capsule of the Earth Created by Water and Darkness |Director KIM Kangtae

Avin & Company Award

Find My Real DNA |Director LEE Hyewon|Producer YOO Jeongah

DVcat Award

The Night of the Factory girls |Director KIM Geonhee

Underwater Cave: The Time Capsule of the Earth Created by Water and Darkness |Director KIM Kangtae

JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition Selections for pitching

International Project

When Clouds Hide the Shadow|Director Jose Luis TORRES LEIVA|Producer Catalina VERGARA

Korean Project

Breath |Director Jero YUN|Producer LEE Ginam