24th JEONJU IFF Unveiled the Official Posters
2023-02-21 19:00:00


24th JEONJU International Film Festival Unveiled the Official Posters

- Jeonju’s initial letter J depicted as a screen that symbolizes “Challenge, Expansion, and Festival”

- JEONJU IFF also unveils a motion poster of a versatile screen that changes sizes, shapes, and forms

- The festival slogan “Beyond The Frame” expresses the film festival’s aim for film art that transcends boundaries

The JEONJU International Film Festival (JEONJU IFF, Festival Co-Director Min Sungwook and Jung Junho) unveiled this year's official posters and slogan.

Since 2020, the JEONJU IFF has released official posters designed with an integrated identity built around the initial letter “J” of “Jeonju” as the main visual motif. Following the J that represented the light of a projector, the J in this year's poster is a screen that symbolizes “Challenge, Expansion, and Festival.” It signifies the unfolding imagination of film art that the JEONJU IFF dreams of on the screen that serves as a window for new expressions.

The official poster of the 24th JEONJU IFF was designed with the dynamics and utility of a moving poster in mind. In the moving poster released along with the flat poster, the image of the constantly transforming “Screen J” catches the eye. The JEONJU IFF indicated that it aimed to express the festival as a scene of endless challenges and expansions through the versatility of the visual motif.

The posters were created by the graphic design and art directing studio MHTL (More Heat Than Light). Led by Mat-Kkal and Lucky Park, MHTL forms a collective group with artists, photographers, spatial designers, and developers to communicate with the public through creative artworks and designs.

The JEONJU IFF also announced the slogan for this year’s festival, “Beyond The Frame”, with the aim to capture the film festival’s unique values. The JEONJU IFF has introduced works that are at the forefront of independent and experimental films and has also supported the creative experiments and independent spirit of filmmakers. Furthermore, its goal has been to ponder and ask questions about the lines implicitly drawn in the Korean film industry.

Meanwhile, the 24th JEONJU IFF will be held for ten days from April 27 (Thu) to May 6 (Sat), 2023, in and around Jeonju Film Street.

<Comments from the Art Director: the festival identity of the 24th JEONJU IFF>


Every year, the JEONJU IFF has developed an identity program with the motif of “J,” the initial letter of “Jeonju.” Following last year’s J motif, which represented the light of a projector, the J motif for the 2023 edition shows J as a screen that captures the themes of “Challenge, Expansion, and Festival.” Designed with the dynamism and utility of a motion poster in mind, this year's J is characterized by its versatility as a screen that can change shapes and sizes. This ever-changing “Screen J” shows the possibility of film art, new expressions, and boundless creativity dreamed of by the JEONJU IFF.

Art Director Kim Kwangchul