Early Bird Pre-Registration for the 24th JEONJU IFF Opens
2023-03-20 18:00:00

Early Bird Pre-Registration for the 24th JEONJU International Film Festival Opens

- GUEST, INDUSTRY, PRESS badges begin at 13:00 (KST), Thursday, March 16 to 17:00 (KST), Thursday, April 13

- ACADEMY badge begins at 13:00 (KST), Thursday, March 16 to 17:00 (KST), Thursday, March 30, on the badge website

- Badge holders will receive various benefits during the festival, including access to screening tickets, 10% discount festival souvenirs, and many more

The JEONJU International Film Festival (JEONJU IFF, Festival Co-Director Min Sungwook and Jung Junho) started the Pre-registration for paid badges on Thursday, March 16. The pre-registration for ACADEMY badge will open until Thursday, March 30, and for GUEST/INDUSTRY/PRESS badges until Thursday, April 13.

The JEONJU IFF has implemented a paid badge system since 2017 to take the lead in creating a fair culture in accordance with the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act to provide professional service and fair access to culture for everybody. The JEONJU IFF has four types of badges for paid badges: GUEST, INDUSTRY, PRESS, and ACADEMY.


College students or lecturers attending a film or video-related educational institution in Korea can apply for the ACADEMY badge. Only groups of 10 or more can apply, and the pre-registration fee is KRW 40,000 per person. Pre-registration is available until 17:00 (KST) on Thursday, March 30 and Onsite registration is not available.


Film industry professionals, government agencies, and public institution workers can apply for the GUEST or INDUSTRY badges. Those who want to participate in the JEONJU Project can apply for the INDUSTRY badge. The application period is until 17:00 (KST) on Thursday and the pre-registration fee is KRW 70,000, 30% off the price from the onsite registration fee.


Journalists and film critics can apply for the PRESS badge. It can be issued free of charge applied during the pre-registration period. The application period is until 17:00 (KST) on Thursday, April 13, as same as the GUEST/INDUSTRY badges.

The JEONJU IFF announced that it has organized various benefits for badge holders. GUEST/INDUSTRY/PRESS badge holders can purchase up to four screening tickets per day for themselves during the festival and have access to the Guest Center, Guest Cafe, Video Library, and Wait Line. ACADEMY badge holders can purchase up to three screening tickets per day only through onsite registration. Also, Badge holders will have access to JEONJU Project venues and a 10% discount on the festival merchandise.

Badge registration can be made on the JEONJU IFF’s badge website, and an application must attach a required document to be approved by the festival. After the festival approves the application, applicants can proceed to register personal information and make payments. Only on-site payment is available. Please complete your badge payment at the Guest Center during the festival period.

More information can be found on JEONJU IFF’s badge website, and inquiries can be made through the badge manager of the festival’s management team. The 24th JEONJU IFF will be held for ten days from Thursday, April 27 to Saturday, May 6, 2023, in and around Jeonju Film Street.