JEONJU Project Announces 15th Winners
2023-05-08 18:00:00

JEONJU Project, JEONJU International Film Festival’s Industrial Program, Announces 15th Winners

- The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 2, at Jeonju Jungbu Vision Center 5F, awarding winners in 14 sections

- Festival Co-Director Min Sungwook said, “With deep insights and originality, the future of the Korean film industry is bright”

JEONJU Project, an industrial program of JEONJU International Film Festival (JEONJU IFF, Festival Co-Director Min Sungwook and Jung Junho), concluded its three-day schedule on Tuesday, May 2, with an award ceremony at Jeonju Jungbu Vision Center 5F.

JEONJU Project has supported domestic and overseas filmmakers by providing mentoring program for script development, professional advice for editing direction and production investment in cultivating feature-length independent arthouse films.

JEONJU Project received 182 applications through the open call from last December to this January and raised the curtain on the 15th JEONJU Project with a total of 21 selected projects. During the three days from Sunday, April 30 to Tuesday, May 2, 2023, JEONJU Project held JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition pitching, Work In Progress private screenings and a total of 238 business meetings.

The final result was announced at the awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 2, the festival’s last day. “This year’s projects showed incomparable originality and depth of insight,” said Festival Co-Director Min Sungwook, who attended the ceremony, “I feel the future of the Korean film industry is bright.” Also, Festival Co-Director Jung Junho said, “I hope JEONJU Project would be a moment to grow not only for the projects but also for filmmakers themselves,” and gave a message of cheering and encouragement to all participants.

The First Development Grant of JEONJU Lab went to Kim Taejin for AMOS, Moon Hyein for Samhee: The Adventure of 3 Joys, Kang Jiwon for Tree in the Garden, Cho Yoonsun for Touch, Cho Eunsol for THE SILENT BRIDE, Heo Chulnyung for A Poem from a Strange Country, Lim Daecheong for Red Diary, and Lee Sanhah for Guest Workers.

Among them, Cho Eunsol for THE SILENT BRIDE, Lim Daecheong for Red Diary, Moon Hyein for Samhee: The Adventure of 3 Joys, and Cho Yoonsun for Touch, received additional awards as the Second Development Grant. The JICA Award for sound mastering was given to Lee Sanhah for Guest Workers and Moon Hyein for Samhee: The Adventure of 3 Joys, while the Jeonju Film Commission Award, which sponsors filming studios was given to Cho Yoonsun for Touch.

Also, A Poem from a Strange Country director Heo Chulnyung and Tree in the Garden director Kang Jiwon won the JEONJU Cine Complex Award. They will be supported with digital color correction. The Cold Breath by Kim Taehwi and Plant by Lee Myeonglyun were selected as JEONJU Short Project and received production support grants and JEONJU Cine Complex in-kind support, respectively. Among them, Lee Myeonglyun was honored with FUJIFILM Production Support as well.

In the JEONJU Project section, The FURMO DT English Subtitle support, sponsoring English subtitle production for the projects which will submit to international film festivals, was awarded to Heo Chulnyung for A Poem from a Strange Country, Park Jeongmi for Blanket Wearer, and Ko Bongsoo and Noh Kyunggeun for SLAP BANG BANG. Among them, Blanket Wearer director Park Jeongmi won the DVcat Award, which provides a half discount on color correction work, the SJM Foundation RoughCut Booster, and The First Cut in the K-DOC CLASS section in a row.

Newly established program to support the overseas distribution of Korean films, Work In Progress invited industrial experts, such as the Sundance Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Marseille International Film Festival, and Toronto International Film Festival and conducted private screenings for feedbacks and discussions on the films. MIMANG by Kim Taeyang, one of the participating films, received KRW 5 million as distribution support.

Last but not least, the result of JEONJU Cinema Project: Next Edition pitching was followed. From the pitching on April 30, where four domestic and international projects competed, one domestic and one international project were selected as JEONJU Cinema Project: Nothing in Its Place by Burak Çevik and Nadia by Moon Chang-yong. They will receive an investment of KRW 100 million for production. The two films will be introduced as a world premiere at the 25th JEONJU IFF next year.