The 25th JEONJU IFF Ticket Booking Guide
2024-04-16 10:06:00

[Tips for faster booking]

The website might slow down or restrict access the day after the ticket sale opens due to a high traffic volume. Please follow the guidelines below to book your ticket faster and more efficiently.

※ We recommend online(PC) booking whenever possible.

1. Sign up early

Online(PC/mobile) booking is only available for registered members. Please sign up in advance on the JEONJU IFF website before the ticket sale opens, and remember your username & password.

* We recommend using a PC to sign up.

* For more inquiries regarding membership, usernames, and passwords, please contact us via Ask Us (1:1 inquiry) or the Kakao channel.

2. Access [Ticketing] page in advance

Before online(PC/mobile) ticket sales open, log in, select [Quick Menu] at the bottom right of the website, and access [Ticketing].

The [Ticketing] page runs on an independent server. You can continue booking online(PC/mobile) via [Ticketing] even if the JEONJU IFF website is slow or only accepting limited access.

However, if you have already opened the [Ticketing] page in advance, please select [Ticket Reservation] after the ticket sale opens. In a mobile environment, please refresh the webpage. (This may vary depending on your browser and server time.)

※ If you don’t see the ticket sale page, please unblock pop-ups from your browser settings.

3. Do not close [Ticketing] page

To book multiple films, do not close [Ticketing] page after booking one film.

➀ After booking confirmation, select [Ticket details] on the top right.
➁ Confirm your booking history and select [Ticket Reservation] on the top right.
➂ Start a new booking on the [Ticketing] page.

If you closed [Ticketing] page, please select [Quick Menu] again from the JEONJU IFF website to start a new booking.

This does not apply to mobile bookings: for each booking, please select [Quick Menu] and then [Ticketing] to start a new booking.

4. Check the Screening Codes of the films in advance

You can search films and screening schedules by Screening Codes (3- or 4-digit numbers). Please check the Screening Codes in advance for faster booking.

5. Make a booking with credit/debit cards

We recommend credit/debit cards as a payment method. You’ll be able to pay by card without any further installers.

Please note that entering incorrect card information during the payment may reset the booking process.