[Daily Letter] The 24th JEONJU IFF DAILY LETTER #7
2023-05-03 11:00:00

Daily Letter ⑦
The 24th JEONJU IFF : Daily Letter DAY 7

This is 'Daily Letter'(💌), the JEONJU IFF newsletter.


  • At-a-glance schedule of May 3 events!👀
  • Announcing the 15th JEONJU Project Selection and Winners
  • Is there a theater particularly popular with an audience!?

Already in its seventh day, JEONJU IFF! Even though we're in the festival's second half, there's still plenty more to see and do at JEONJU IFF. We've got plenty of great information to share with you, the audience, and events to attend!😉

Today, we'd like to share the news of the selections and winners of the 15th JEONJU Project, JEONJU IFF's signature industry program. Many of you will visit JEONJU IFF for the Children's Day holiday. A preview of the screening timetable for power-planned audiences! We're also introducing a unique movie theater that's sure to be a welcome respite from your tight schedule. Let's start with today's events.


Award Ceremony

VenueJeonbuk National University Cultural Center


Street Screening

Screening Falling for Figaro
Venue Dongmun Art Street


Street Screening

Screening People in Elancia
Venue Film Street

💬 An Opportunity for Artists! The 15th JEONJU Project Winners Revealed

JEONJU IFF's signature industry program is the JEONJU Project. From the planning and development mentoring program to foster Korean film content, the editing training program for high-quality Korean documentaries, and the production investment project to develop feature-length independent art films! JEONJU IFF's initiative to improve the production environment for filmmakers has gained worldwide attention as a program that shines.

The works joining the 15th JEONJU Project were revealed on February 2 (Tue). The 15th JEONJU Project award ceremony was held yesterday at 5 pm at the Jeonju Jungbu Vision Center. The works selected for the JEONJU Project will receive production support and investment according to their respective awards. We want to congratulate everyone who worked hard to make the most of the week-long project, which ran from April 30 to May 2. Congratulations to the winning films, directors, and staff!

💬Are you tired of watching films and sightseeing? We recommend a recliner movie theater.😉

Here's a theater that gets especially popular as the film festival season winds down. That is the MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa’s MX Comfort (reclining chair theater).

The film festival lasted almost a week! It is a space that provides a cozy screening environment that can soothe the fatigue of audiences who have been out of town for a long time or those who are tired of watching films and sightseeing together. Many audiences are expected to take advantage of the May 5 Children's Day holiday to visit the JEONJU IFF! For those who want to watch film on the reclining chair, we've compiled a quick list of the screening schedules and films that will be screening at these theaters. For those who have reached the limit of their physical strength, please refer to the timetable and enjoy a healthy film festival!

May 3(Wed)
🧐Wondering what's playing in the MX Comfort?
May 4(Thu)
🧐Wondering what's playing in the MX Comfort?
May 5(Fri)
🧐Wondering what's playing in the MX Comfort?
May 6(Sat)
🧐Wondering what's playing in the MX Comfort?
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