[Daily Letter] The 24th JEONJU IFF DAILY LETTER #10
2023-05-06 11:00:00

Daily Letter ⑩
The 24th JEONJU IFF : Daily Letter DAY 10

This is 'Daily Letter'(💌), the JEONJU IFF newsletter.


  • At-a-glance schedule of May 6 events!👀
  • Moments from the 24th JEONJU IFF: Who was this year's best guest?💫
  • We asked The Volunteer, what was your favorite moment?🎤

Time flies like an arrow. The festival is almost over! It's a shame that this year's festival ended so soon, but we'll be thinking of JEONJU IFF with these memories until next year's festival returns! We hope you enjoyed the various programs and events at the 24th JEONJU IFF. Of course, the action continues today. Let's look at the schedule for the festival's final day.


Cinema Class

Slaughterhouse of Modernity

Venue MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa 4
Guest Seo Hyun-suk (Professor, Yonsei University Graduate School of Communication & Arts)


Award-winning films 4

Screening There is a Stone
(International Competition - Grand Prize)
Venue CGV Jeonjugosa 2


Award-winning films 3

ScreeningComputer, Today's Cinema, OUT!, Ghost Play, Queen's Crochet
(Korean Competition for Shorts Winners)
Venue CGV Jeonjugosa 10


Award-winning films 2

ScreeningNight Walk
(Special Award - Documentary Award)
Venue MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa 10


Award-winning films 1

ScreeningFrom You
(Korean Competition - Grand Prize)
Venue CGV Jeonjugosa 5


Closing Ceremony + Closing Film

Screening Where Would You Like to Go?
Venue Jeonbuk National University Cultural Center



Screening Hommage
VenueFactory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok

💬Farewell for now, and see you next year! Moments from the 24th JEONJU IFF

While we've been covering the big stories of the day in our newsletter, there have been many moments that we've missed. 💌 Today, as we send out the last Daily Letter of the 24th JEONJU IFF, we would like to share a few moments from this year's festival with you.

The chance to meet the Dardenne brothers at this year's JEONJU IFF was enough to excite the audience, the press, and other film industry members! Directors Jean-Pierre DARDENNE and Luc DARDENNE, who kicked off the JEONJU IFF with the opening film Tori and Lokita, met with audiences at various events, including the "Tori and Lokita + Master Class: Dardenne Brothers" moderated by director Yoon Ga-eun. JEONJU IFF's social media feeds were filled with autographs from the Dardenne Brothers' director, Successful fans! We hope you had a cinematic experience with the master who visited Korea for the first time😀🖤

BEK Hyunjin was the 'Programmer of the Year' at the 24th JEONJU IFF! Seeing him actively enjoying the festival was impressive, with sightings of him all over the festival. The audience especially loved the J Special Class event, where he returned to Gyeongju for the first time in 10 years with actor PARK Hae-il.

If you're interested in the history of cinema, you'll want to check out the JEONJU Special, Sergio Leone - The Italian Who Invented America, with director Kim Jee-woon. Director Kim Jee-woon expanded the movie world of legendary master Sergio Leone! With director Kim Jee-woon at the helm of THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE WEIRD, we could dive even deeper into the world of Sergio Leone.

It's only on the last day of the festival so I confess. The movie that received the most inquiries on the JEONJU IFF social media accounts is!!!🥁 It was this year's Korean Competition selection, Heavy Snow. We were inundated with fan requests for events and screenings, such as "Can we get canceled tickets?" or "Can we get more screenings?". Throughout the festival, the Heavy Snow team also organized events and events that the audience loved💟

A special program that debuted at this year's JEONJU IFF! It was the "JEONJU Cine X Meet" at JEONJU Cinetour with actors from NOON COMPANY, actively working in the independent film industry, among the various programs of 'JEONJU Cine X Meet,' the 'Meet Class,' where actors from NOON COMPANY talked about multiple topics, heated the Talk Stage in JEONJU Lounge. Actors from NOON COMPANY showed off their colorful characters on the screen at JEONJU IFF! t was a moment that confirmed the audience's love for independent films and actors from NOON COMPANY!🧡

Even those who couldn't attend the theater due to fierce ticketing competition made special memories. The Street Screening with audiences all over Jeonju during the festival was always a hit! The crisp night air added a touch of romance to the viewing experience during the Street Screening! If you didn't enjoy it this year, we recommend you try it next year!😉

The various programs and events at the Star Wars Dome in JEONJU were also loved by the many audiences who visited this year's film festival💫. On May 4th, Star Wars Day, an event was held with the senior vice president of Lucasfilm's franchise content and strategy team and the Star Wars: Visions Season 2 crew. Once they decided, Star Wars fans didn't stop there! Look at the Force Fan Party, where lightsabers were wielded, and festivities were enjoyed. We hope next year's JEONJU IFF will also be filled with the Force!

💬What was the most memorable moment of the 24th JEONJU IFF? Words! Words! Words! of The Volunteers!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the festival perfect! We can't imagine JEONJU IFF without them. Volunteer KIM Da-eun asked for the 24th JEONJU IFF Daily Letter. What was your favorite moment at this year's festival? We also like to ask you if you're reading our newsletter😗.

Thank you for joining us at this year's JEONJU IFF. See you next year in Jeonju!

🐥 Marketing Team, Party & Reception | Volunteer PARK Minju

The most memorable moment was when the guests said hello and thanked me for my hard work! I think that was when I realized I had to work harder to fulfill my volunteer duties❤.

🐥 Publicity Team, Supporting Content Creation | Volunteer CHO Ahyun & JEON Yewon

Meeting all the different volunteers was so energizing! Some of my favorite moments were capturing that energy in photos📸.

🐥 Planning Team, Supporting Event | Volunteer JANG In-ho

There was a rainy day during the film festival. I worked with my colleagues, and we all suffered together, but that moment was the most memorable. The moment when we finished all the work and went home! I still remember that feeling of pride!

🐥 Publicity Team, Supporting Press | Volunteer JEONG Hyoin

Every moment was meaningful, but the most memorable was when I volunteered for the opening ceremony. My first day as a volunteer! It was a time when I pushed my physical strength to the limit, and I was lucky enough to see the opening film Tori and Lokita, which made me feel proud and happy. Especially after the opening film, I'll never forget the moment when everyone was clapping and celebrating. It was a moment that reminded me of what it means to feel overwhelmed!

🐥 Publicity Team, Supporting Press | Volunteer HAN Sehee

My favorite moment was assisting with the press conference! The Q&A session with the director and reporters! They were so professional, and I thought it was a scene from a film, lol. It was an honor to run on my two legs and pass the microphone to them!

🐥 Publicity Team, Supporting Content Creation | Volunteer KIM Da-eun

While conducting these interviews, I met many volunteers who helped make this year's festival happen! I loved how they were always smiling, how friendly they were, and how hard they worked😎. I also visited the beautiful Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok, which had a special Star Wars Zone! I still remember it so vividly 😀 I had so much fun!

Writer : PR Media Team | Edited·Published : PR Media Team

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