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2024-03-04 18:00:00

Hello, Subscribers! The February newsletter is back. 👋

💬 It’s been a while, Subscribers! The February Newsletter is back. 👋

The season is quickly shaking off its winter slumber and heading into spring, and we’re excited to see you soon. Today, we’re happy to share the February issue of the JEONJU IFF Newsletter. 🥰🧡 We’ve got a lot of exciting stories for you, so get close to your screen! 🤗

Let’s take a look at the exciting news we have prepared for February! 🏃‍

01. #25thJEONJUIFF #OfficialPoster

🎬 The official poster of the 25th JEONJU IFF has been unveiled!

- The festival represents infinite growth and expansion with the initial J of Jeonju.

The poster was finally released on Wednesday, February 14. (Isn't it undeniably beautiful? 🙊✨)

🤫 Did you know that the official poster of the 25th JEONJU IFF is inspired by the spiral of a growing plant?

🌿 This year’s design features the initial J, representing the JEONJU IFF and bringing the vision of the festival to life. This symbolizes the meaning of endless growth and expansion. The white space in the corner represents the film frame 🎬, while the rounded curves dynamically capture every cinematic moment! 🕺

Art director Kim Tai-hun shared his thoughts: 💁‍♂️💭

JEONJU International Film Festival has been developing its identity program every year, using the initial J of Jeonju as a motif. The 2024 J is an ever-growing infinity symbol, inspired by the spiraling sprout stage of plants. It was created by rotating the counter shape of the letter J around itself until it formed an Infinite J spiral. The rounded corners of the Infinite J visually resemble a frame and allude to the art of capturing and framing moving images in cinema. Moving images and moments like the once JEONJU International Film Festival are made of.

The JEONJU IFF will continue to grow infinitely this year, just as he intended! We are dedicated to planning the best programs to present to the audiences. 🌟 Your interest and support mean the world to us! 🙌🧡

We would also like to thank and applaud the designers Jang Wooseok (South Korea), Line Arngaard (Denmark), and Zuzana Kostelanská (Slovakia) for their hard work in creating this year's official poster. 🥳👏👏👏

02. #KoreanFilm, #Entries, #RecordBreaking

🎬 The 25th JEONJU IFF broke the records in the Korean Film sections!

- Increase of 191 entries in the Korean Competition for Shorts, and 23 entries in the Korean Competition, compared to last year.

Attention, all cineaste! 😎 The 25th JEONJU IFF has recorded the highest number of Korean film entries ever-!🗣🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 (YEAAAHHH)

The JEONJU IFF held an open call for Korean films in three sections, “Korean Competition,” “Korean Competition for Shorts,” and “Local Cinema,” for about three months from November last year to January this year. The submission was overwhelming, with 1,513 entries - a whopping 214 more than last year! (Speechless...)

Following last year’s record-breaking entries in the International Competition, the JEONJU IFF has set the highest number of entries in the Korean Film sections. This is significant considering the challenges the Korean film industry faced during the pandemic. It’s a true testament to resilience and passion! 🔥

JEONJU IFF, fueled by the unwavering dedication of filmmakers, will present carefully selected films through fair judging in May. Here’s to the enduring love for Korean cinema! 💁‍♀️🧡

03. #NationalAssembly, #SOLDOUT

🎬 February screening of The Hill of Secrets at the National Assembly Cultural Theater sold out for the first time!

In our January newsletter, we introduced the news of the National Assembly Cultural Theater, where you can watch the past screenings of the JEONJU IFF. The first screening featured The Hill of Secrets directed by Lee Ji-eun. Notably, it became the first film in the theater’s history to fill every single seat. 👏👏

Before the film started, an Invitational Movie Talk event took place. Our team went to the scene of the first sold-out screening in the history of the National Assembly Cultural Theater. 🏃‍ Check out the behind-the-scenes photo captured during the event! 📸✨

The Movie Talk was filled with delightful activities, including a pre-engaged "Nth Event" and an autographed poster giveaway. 🤭 Every attendee had an unforgettable time! ❣

February’s National Assembly Cultural Theater screening was a great success. Mark your calendars: the next screening will now take place in June. Stay tuned for the official announcement via the JEONJU IFF’s social media channels! 👋

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04. #JEONJUProject #SelectionAnnounced

🎬 22 Korean and international projects were selected for three sections of JEONJU Project!

- From the initial planning and development stage to post-production support.

🎬 Jeonju Project: The drumroll begins! 🥁🥁 The 16th Jeonju Project has unveiled its 22 selected Korean and international projects across three sections.

🤔 What is JEONJU Project?

Jeonju Project is an industry program by the JEONJU IFF that discovers creative Korean and international independent art films - from planning to distribution. Now in its 16th year, the JEONJU Project held a call for submission last year in three sections: JEONJU Lab, JCP: Next Edition, and Work in Progress.

The 22 selected projects in each section will receive, by its production stage, early planning and development mentoring, production investment, and distribution consulting! Thank you JEONJU IFF… 🥺🧡

Curious to explore the selected projects? Click the button below to discover the 16th JEONJU Project selections!

From the release of the official poster to the JEONJU Project selection announcement, we're thrilled to share the latest news from JOENJU IFF in February! 🤗🎁

Only two more months to go until the festival!🔥 The 25th JEONJU IFF awaits audiences 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💨. See you in our March newsletter with even more exciting updates!👋🧡


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