Notes & Guidance for The 25th JEONJU IFF Online(PC/mobile) booking
2024-04-16 10:10:00

Online(PC/mobile) bookings are only available on the JEONJU IFF official website.

The official mobile app will be updated after the 3rd week of April(after online ticket sales open). The online bookings will not be available until the update.

[Precautions for Online(PC/mobile) Bookings]

1. Recommended Web Browsers

JEONJU IFF recommends Chrome or Microsoft Edge for online(PC/mobile) bookings.

2. Payment Methods

Online(PC/mobile) bookings can be paid by credit/debit cards.

Combined Payments are not accepted.

Easy Payments(Kakaopay, Naver pay) and other card payment apps are not accepted.

Jeonju-Love Gift Vouchers [Pig Card] are not accepted.

3. Unblocking pop-ups

If you don’t see the ticket sale page or to book a ticket via mobile, please unblock pop-ups from your browser settings.

Unblocking pop-ups may differ depending on the mobile device. Please check how to unblock pop-ups for your device and proceed.

4. Select the Ticket Type

After selecting a seat in the booking process, you must select a ticket type to proceed to the payment. Please note that only one type of ticket can be selected per ticket holder.

[Ticketing Information]

· Tickets are available online and at the Box Office on-site. The on-site Box Offices will only sell tickets left after the online bookings.

· A maximum of two tickets per booking is available.

· Once booked, the tickets cannot be exchanged or transferred. The exchanged or transferred tickets may be restricted for admission.

· After confirming online(PC/mobile) bookings, you can enter the screening directly by presenting your mobile ticket. (Screenshots of the mobile ticket are not accepted)

1. Opening/Closing Ceremonies

· The Opening Ceremony will be held at the Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, Moak Hall and the Closing Ceremony at the Jeonbuk National University Cultural Center, with the screenings following each event.

· The Opening Ceremony seats are only available on the 2nd floor, and for the Closing Ceremony, the seats are available on the 1st and 2nd floors. Some seats may have obstructed views at the start of the screening. In that case, please follow the instructions to move your seat(s) for a better view.

2. JEONJU Talk! Talk!

· JEONJU Talk! Talk! will be held in Modernsquare, with unreserved seating. Entry and seating will be on a first-come, first-seated basis.

3. Free Screenings

For Free Screenings in cinemas, please book a ticket online or at the on-site Box Offices.

* 304 FUJIFILM Special Talk + lover

* 321 Virtual Production Seminar: Epic Games

* 449 FUJIFILM Casual Cinema Talk 1


* 544 Barrier-Free for Shorts 1

* 552 FUJIFILM Casual Cinema Talk 2

* 564 CODA

* 607 Hommage

* 621 Barrier-Free for Shorts 2

* 634 My Heart Puppy

4. GV & Program Events

Program Events, such as Gust Visits, can only be attended with a screening ticket. The GV schedules and guests may change during the festival period.

※ Please refer to the website announcement for the GV schedules and guests.