[Daily Letter] The 24th JEONJU IFF DAILY LETTER #6
2023-05-02 11:00:00

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The 24th JEONJU IFF : Daily Letter DAY 6

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  • At-a-glance schedule of May 2 events!👀
  • JEONJU Conference 2023, capturing the concerns and development of filmmakers!

What is it about film festival's allure for you? The variety of screenings alone is enough to make my stomach turn, but then there are all the events, activities, and beautiful merchandise! It's a place where you can find everything related to movies, which is why I can't help but visit film festivals every year. Today, we will introduce you to the JEONJU IFF and the upcoming JEONJU Conference 2023. But first, check out today's schedule😎


JEONJU Cine X Meet

Through My Midwinter + Meet Class

Venue MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa 1
Guest Kwon Da-ham (Actor)


JEONJU Cine X Meet

DUST-MAN + Meet Class

Venue MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa 1
Guest Woo Ji-hyeon (Actor)


JEONJU Cine X Meet

NOON COMPANY for Shorts 2 + Meet Class

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Dempseyroll: confessions, When the moon is on the wane, Broken Night

Venue MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa 1
Guest Lee Min-ji (Actor)


Busking in JEONJU

VenueJEONJU Lounge
Artist Muzik company (Classic band)


Steet Screening

Screening After Yang
Venue Dongmun Art Street


Street Screening

Screening Drown


JEONJU Cine X Meet

HEART + Meet Class

Venue MEGABOX Jeonju Gaeksa 1
Guest Lee Suk-hyeong (Actor)

💬 Dreaming Better Tomorrow Than Yesterday! JEONJU Conference 2023

JEONJU Conference 2023 was held from April 30th to May 1st. The JEONJU Conference 2023 was titled 'Better Tomorrow Than Yesterday, Dreaming of Expanding Cinema!' Korean and foreign film industry officials and key players in the visual media industry explored the current state of independent and artistic cinema in various sessions. The diverse perspectives of the filmmakers took a fresh look at the future of Korean independent and creative cinema! Here's what happened.

Chang Young-youp (Cine21 CEO, Film Junalist), Park Ki-yong (Korean Film Council Chairperson),
Sey Min (Gyeonggi Content Agency President), and Min Sungwook (JEONJU IFF Festival Co-Director)

The first session, Public Funds and Independent Cinema, examined the public fund policies that have impacted the investment and production of independent and artistic films in Korea. It was a chance to review the Korean film industry's current situation and learn how experts can improve it to keep up with the changes in the industry.

Hong Jiyoung (Director), Joh Geun-shik (KAFA Executive Director),
Kim Heejeon (Barunson C&C Producer), Han Ka ram (Director)

The second session, Public Fund and Film School (Co-host: Korea Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), focused on KAFA, a special exhibit at this year's JEONJU IFF. As the organization celebrates its 40th anniversary, we reflect on its history. We discussed how KAFA, an educational institution that produces talented individuals who will lead the Korean film industry, should continue to play a vital role as a link to the industry. As the future of KAFA was a topic that would be familiar to those who love movies, the audience listened to the speakers with a more active attitude.

Cho Yeongwook (The Silent Sea Producer)
Sunny Kim (Canneseries Korea Consultant)
Lee Chanho (Studio Wavve CEO)

Did you know that the Netflix series The Silent Sea was initially planned as a feature film? The third session, Cinema Dives into the IP Universe, featured talks by experts in the IP field. It was an excellent opportunity to hear IP industry professionals' philosophies and fun behind-the-scenes stories. From behind-the-scenes stories like "The gender of the main character in The Silent Sea was changed to make the mystery genre more interesting" (Cho Yeongwook (The Silent Sea Producer)) to international updates like "Korea has become the 6th largest content exporter in the world, and we are receiving a lot of requests from the global market and are even considered as a co-production partner" (Sunny Kim (Canneseries Korea Consultant)).

TJ Park (JEONJU Project Executive Producer), Jang Byungwon (DMZ Docs Chief Programmer),
Kim Ok-young (StoryOn CEO), Jang Woojin (Director, Producer)

On May 1, a session was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the JEONJU Cinema Project. The fourth session, titled Ten Years of the JEONJU Cinema Project: Time to Change, summarized the history of the JEONJU Cinema Project and discussed its future development.

JANG Byungwon (DMZ Docs Chief Programmer) said, "To expand the JEONJU Cinema Project, it is also important to expand the outreach of the JEONJU IFF." For example, he mentioned Samsara, which won the Special Jury Award in the Encounters section of the Berlin International Film Festival this year. It was clear that the JEONJU Cinema Project, of which the JEONJU IFF is a producer, wants to see its works more welcomed and active at film festivals around the world.

Lois PATIÑO (Director)
Damien MANIVEL (Director)
Ted FENDT (Director)

The solidarity and empathy of directors from around the world who the JEONJU Cinema Project has produced shone through. In Session 5, Damien Manivel (Director) from the World Cinema section's Magdala and JEONJU Cinema Project's Isadora's Children, Lois Patiño (Director) from Samsara, and Ted fendt (Director) from Outside Noise gathered to talk about the Joys and Sorrows of Making Independent and Art Films. Kim Daehwan (Director) and Jang Woojin (Director) moderated the conversation.

While discussing the realities and alternatives to the budgetary limitations they face while making independent and artistic films, the directors strongly resonated with Damien Manivel's statement that he "enjoys directing because of the creative process with a small crew" rather than working for income! The conversation of young directors sharing the same concerns across borders was enough to ignite a fire in the hearts of independent and artistic filmmakers.

Sung Moon (JEONJU IFF Programmer), Kubota Yuri (Pia Film Festival International International Affair),
Ash Hoyle (Sundance Film Festival Programmer),
Victor Iriarte (San Sebastian International Film Festival Selection Committee),
Stefan Ivančić (Locarno Film Festival Selection Committee)

The conference's final session was titled The Role of Film Festivals in the Endemic Era! The session moderated by Sung Moon (JEONJU IFF Programmer), Ash Hoyle (Sundance Film Festival Programmer), Yuri Kubota (Pia Film Festival International Affairs), Stefan Ivančić (Locarno Film Festival Selection Committee), and Victor Iriarte (San Sebastian International Film Festival Selection Committee) came together to discuss the future of film festivals in the pandemic. Film festival programmers worldwide shared their blueprints for the ideal film festival! It was a precious combination that film festival lovers couldn't miss.😀

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